Road Trip: New Mexico-Arizona-California

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve covered quite some ground in the last 24 hours. We’ve seen the white sands in New Mexico, the organ pipe cacti in Arizona and we will arrive on the pacific coast of California this evening. We have been pleasantly overwhelmed by the beauty of nature on this trip and we’ve used every opportunity to stop and explore. An hour detour here, 30 minutes there, every extra minutes and mile was well worth it.

White Sands National Monument

We knew a little ahead of time we wanted to see the white sands in New Mexico and we couldn’t have picked a better day. When we arrived it was about 68 degrees and the views were stunning. While we explore all these places we always take the time to learn a little about the history. The white sands aren’t technically sand, they are white gypsum and they’ve been around for over 8,000 years. There are over 275 square miles of white gypsum dunes and a large portion of them are enjoyed by visitors from all over. I visited here as a child but I really didn’t remember much of it. As an adult, it’s completely mesmerizing and I’m still impressed by the park overall.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Our next stop was Tucson Arizona. We didn’t really do much in Tucson, except eat some bomb-ass pizza at a little place called Dry River Pizza and Beer. After that we spent the evening researching things to do in AZ. The Bearded One found Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and was determined to see these cacti. It was slightly out of the way but well worth it. The desert terrain is nothing like we’d imagined it would be. It’s full of unique vegetation, most of which we’ve never really seen before.

We’ve already seen quite a lot and can’t wait to explore California next. We will be in San Diego for the next few days and then up the coast from there!

The Adventure Begins

“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. “ St. Augustine

Often times we get wrapped up in the monotonous, often stressful routines of our everyday life. For us, that just happens to be the world of teaching and coaching. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I’m constantly impressed by my students, and I admire the majority of my hardworking peers. But with that being said, sometimes we need a break!

We work hard all year so we can immensely enjoy our summer break and our many travel adventures. I use social media, particularly Facebook, as an outlet to share those adventures with my family and friends, but this summer, I wanted to try something a little out of my comfort zone and write all about it.

I need to take a step back from Facebook to really enjoy life’s adventures and for me, these adventures include traveling with my numero uno. I believe that we often lose sight of the moments in front of us when we are so driven to share every single minuscule moment with everyone. Although I understand the irony of me posting this first blog on my social media, I will be taking a summer break from Facebook.

Please follow our new blog to keep up with all of our travels and our new travel Instagram (loaded with travels, not selfies I promise!).

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