St. Louis Eats

One of our favorite things about traveling is EATING. We love food, and drinks, and we are both pretty adventurous eaters. Although we didn’t eat any whacky off the wall cuisine while in St. Louis we did have some pretty yummy food. Here are some of our favorites from this last trip and our Christmas break trip:

Soulard Food

  • Llywelyn’s Pub- Not only did this place have an amazing beer selection they also had a vast array of delicious pub food. Llywelyn’s is known as a Celtic pub and has several locations. While there, we had the soft pretzels with beer cheese, fish and chips, and their infamous steak and cheese sandwich. All tasty meals and not the regular boring bar food.

  • Chava’s Mexican Restaurants- If I’m not in Texas or Mexico I stay away from this type of food, but Chava’s is the exception. They had incredible margaritas, all different flavors, and they had really good queso blanco.

  • Duke’s- This establishment seems to be your typical run of the mill sports bar but, during Christmas break we had the most amazing coconut squash soup I’ve ever tasted. It on my list to try to recreate this fall!
  • The Wood Shack- This little restaurant has unique, house smoked meats put together on creative sandwich combos. They also have a large outdoor street patio and a great selection of local beers. It was also literally 3 doors down from our rental.
  • Soulard Coffee Garden- Quaint little coffee shop with a great selection

  • The Sweet Divine- A boutique bakery and coffee bar with delicious baked good and just as amazing specialty drinks ( we had a fabulous drunken hot chocolate in the freezing winter weather, warmed us right up)

Other St. Louis Staples

Every time we go to STL there are a few must have, nostalgic food we just can’t resist.

  • Ted Drewes Frozen Custard- it’s famous, my granny use to go here as a child and so did everyone else I know from St. Louis, it’s a MUST (The Bearded One loves vanilla and this time I have to agree, classic)

  • Imo’s Pizza- I guess this is considered St. Louis style pizza, I’m not quite sure…but what I am sure about is that I could eat an entire XL pizza solo. They have their own unique cheese blend and I pretty much grew up on this pizza, I wish I had one right now (fun fact, the Bearded One is NOT a fan)

  • Amighetti’s Bakery and Cafe- This place was new to me but my mom grew up eating their signature sandwiches as we grabbed a few. Pretty tasty

  • Gooey Butter Cake- I suppose you can get this from any where in STL but the best comes from Dierbergs grocery store. I have my grandma recipe too that I’ve been dying to make. So if you can’t make it to STL come on over for this one!
  • G & W’s Meat & Bavarian Style Sausage Company – We strictly visited this place for the landjager sausage….yummmmm
  • White Castle- Don’t knock it until ya try it!

There are thousands of other fabulous places to eat in St. Louis, Italian food on The Hill, bar hopping in Laclede’s Landing, a plethora of downtown restaurants …one day we will try more but for now, these are our favorites!

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