Bye, Bye St. Louis : Last Day of Nostalgia

So today was our last day here in Missouri, and we covered quite a bit of ground. We started our day with a fresh hearty breakfast, (all from the Soulard Farmers Market) then we headed on over the The Gateway Arch.

Messy Bun & The Bearded One explore The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch

Now, as a child growing up here we never really came to the Arch or hung out in the area (technically we lived in the suburbs). As an adult, it’s a pretty impressive site! It’s a lot larger than I thought it was, especially up close. Unfortunately, the museum is under renovations so we weren’t able to explore that area, but we did get some pretty remarkable pictures. It’s wasn’t overly crowded for a summer Sunday afternoon. There were other sites to see including The Old Cathedral, The Mississippi River and the riverboat tours, the old courthouse, and lots of shops and restaurants around Laclede’s Landing. It was a little hot and we didn’t really feel like getting our drinking on, so we didn’t swing by any of the bars or explore Laclede’s Landing, but it’s on the list for next time.

The Graffiti Wall

My favorite part of the Arch and the surrounding areas was the graffiti wall. I didn’t even know this place existed until our waitress at Llwelyn’s Pub mentioned it. I don’t know how y’all feel about graffiti but I love it. I think graffiti gets a bad rap, but when it’s done in an artistic, legal way, it’s absolutely stunning! This graffiti wall was probably at least half a mile long and I couldn’t take enough pictures, it was my favorite St. Louis adventure this trip ❤️

The Old Hood and St. Louis Staples

Before we returned to our Soulard Air B&B, we decided to swing by our old neighborhood. I remember growing up here, and I like to look around and see the changes, but mostly, I like to see how excited my mom gets when she reminisces about her childhood in St. Louis. We drove by the house we lived in I Kirkwood and were able to see all of the new houses being built and just how beautiful the overall area has remained. Fun fact: our tiny little house was still there (for now). It in the process of being sold by a developing realtor.

We also stopped by mom’s old house in Glendale. My grandma lived there long after we moved to Dallas and I have several fond memories of family holidays, sleepovers, and gatherings in that old, charming home.

Our final stops of the day included Amighetti’s, for the famous sandwiches, and Ted Drewes for frozen custard. My final St. Louis blog will be all about FOOD so stay tuned!

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