Mini Adventures

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Between the bright colorful lights, the Christmas decorations covering every nook and cranny and my tasty peppermint mocha, there’s nothing about the holiday season that I dislike.

I am determined to make every holiday for my little guy magical, even if he won’t remember so we decided to take some mini vacations (following all necessary precautions).

I’m just going to start by sayings vacation is not like it use to be and probably won’t be for a very long time. As much as I want to relax and be carefree, this pandemic is no joke and I have to plan our vacations accordingly. With that in mind we packed up the baby and headed to Gruene to meet Kris Kringle and enjoy some holiday cheer.

Gruene was pretty successful, we stayed outside during the day and ordered take out at night. It’s my favorite tiny town and I absolutely love spending time there, but honestly, it just wasn’t the same. Overall we were happy with our trip and glad baby O met Santa!

Our next little adventure included more outside time. The Bearded One suggested we take baby O to the Houston Zoo Lights and it was a fabulous idea! We booked our tickets, reserved our time spot, and took the baby to sensory overload central. He loved it 😍

As much as I wish we spent our holiday in Mexico or Jamaica like old times, I can honestly say we’re doing the best we can to make our little guys holiday special. We had a great time, he had a great time, and the smiles and giggle will forever be worth it.

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