Holiday Shenanigans


We’re at it again! We loaded up the little man and decided to head 10+ hours from home to visit the family for the holidays.

More than anything I want baby O to know and bond with his family, which can be quite challenging since they are spread out from Dallas to Missouri and everywhere in between.

Regardless of distance I think it’s important we see family, especially for the holidays. So once again we packed up and headed north.

Traveling with a toddler is quite different than traveling with a baby. On the plus side we don’t have to worry about bottles, formula or washing bottles etc… But on the other hand a toddler is a lot more active and needs constant stimulation.

Here are a few helpful hints for traveling with a little one:

  • Pack snacks! I use those plastic tackle box things and provide a variety of snacks for O. It keeps them organized and he has lots of grazing options.
  • Buy some new hands on toys. He loved opening new books and toys in the car. They definitely kept his attention just trying to figure everything out. ( I bought a cheap magnetic drawing board from The Dollar Tree, a coloring book that just used a water pen, a a pop-it toy, and a few new books).
  • Charge the Kindle and/or IPad. I made sure to download engaging apps on the Kindle and his favorite Netflix and Disney + shows on the iPad. He didn’t spend much time on either but they were a lifesaver when he got cranky at the end!

I was really worried about the almost 11 hour trip home but he did fabulous! We stopped multiples times for snacks, diaper changes and to let him run around. We took our time and enjoyed the trip. 10/10 will continue to travel with Baby O and his new brother or sister when the time comes 🥰

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