Count Down to Summer

I’ve always said Spring Break is just a tease for summer vacation and this year was no different. I throughly enjoy spending time with my boys and we made the most of our little break.

This year we decided to stay close to home for Spring Break and explore nearby attractions. We started our week with one of our favorite places, the Aggieland Drive Thru Safari. Although it’s marketed as a drive thru safari, there’s so much more to do! We fed giraffes, observed all the animals, hung out with the parakeets and enjoyed the beautiful outdoor weather. It was the perfect little day trip for a toddler and an infant.

Up next on our Spring Break agenda was a new one, we found a little kids museum in the Woodlands and it did not disappoint. This little museum was full of interactive exhibits and centers for kids of all ages. O was able to play with everything and they had a small sectioned off area for baby L. They boys both had a great time and it was very affordable.

After relaxing at home for a few days, we ended our week at Main Event. We weren’t sure if O was big enough for bowling but he did really well! He also enjoyed the arcade games and loved pressing all the buttons. Baby L was pretty mesmerized by all the lights and noises and did a fabulous job of people watching.

As difficult as it was to return to work after our break, I know it’s only temporary. We are already counting down the day until Summer Break and all the upcoming adventures we have planned.

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